Qualifi Level 3 Certificate in Teaching Swimming and Aquatic Programmes Qualification Information


This new Level 3 programme is designed to extend your knowledge, develop your understanding, and apply your learning into your environment. This builds upon your competence from your Level 2 qualification from an approved awarding body to practice as a swimming teacher.

The purpose of the programme is to develop highly knowledgeable and skilled Advanced Practitioners in Teaching Swimming and Aquatics. There are three main strands the programme:

  Leadership and management
  High quality teaching, learning and assessment
  Professional development for yourself and others

Qualification Aim

This qualification aims to offer the opportunity for individuals to forge a career in swimming teaching by seeking a greater knowledge, understanding and teaching practice in the leisure and swimming industry, and to support the individual's development into senior positions. The aims:

 1. To strengthen the learner's levels of knowledge, skills and experiences to deliver a higher quality of swimming and aquatics teaching
 2. To develop the learner's ability to lead and manage the work of others in the workplace
 3. To develop the learner's ability to recognise and reflect on the process of personal learning and development that encourages their self-reflection, analytical and transferable skills into other areas


This Qualification comprises of 6 compulsory units and 3 optional units.

The Level 3 core units are:

  Unit 301: An Introduction to Leading and Managing Teaching in Swimming and Aquatic Environments
  Unit 302: An Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Swimming and Aquatic Environments
  Unit 303: Leading Learning and Teaching Practice in Swimming and Aquatic Environments
  Unit 304: Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment
  Unit 305: Developing Customer Care Practice in an Aquatic Environment
  Unit 306: An Introduction to Leading Professional Development Practice in Swimming and Aquatic Environments

The optional units can be any 3 units chosen from the Qualifi Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming and Aquatic Programmes (RQF).


Entry to the qualification programme will be through centre interview and the candidate will be expected to hold the following pre-requisites:

  Learners must be at least 17 years of age at the start of registration for the qualification
  Hold any of:
   o Swim England Level 2 Teaching Swimming or equivalent
   o STA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming or equivalent
  Have teaching swimming experience of at least 12 months, delivering lessons to a full range of abilities and contexts
  Have evidence that they are currently employed in the context of teaching swimming and permission from their supervisor to support them with an actual (or shadow) strategic role for the programme or demonstrate that they are in a current strategic role
  Have literacy and numeracy to at least Level 2 to function on this programme

Recognition of Prior Learning

Any other qualifications (overseas and earlier pre-QCF qualifications) will be considered on an individual basis for entry and relevance to this unit. Candidates who have completed similar training and a qualification at Level 3, may be entitled to exemption from attendance on the course sessions. For any learners who have attended training similar and certified at level 3 may be able to receive partial Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). These cases will be assessed on an individual basis.

Any learner who holds a qualification at Level 2 or above (in the specialist discipline) may be able to receive RPL for the specialist unit. It is likely there will be completion of work to ensure validity and authenticity.

Any learners who holds the equivalent of the Swim England Advanced Teachers, Swim England Level 3 in Managing Delivery of Swimming Programmes, or a current or previously accredited Swim England Educator or STA Tutor, may be suitably assessed for RPL and an individual learning plan will then be issued

A fast track assessment only option is available for the core units subject to:

  Minimum of 1 year of teaching experience in swimming or related aquatic discipline
  Currently teaching in swimming or related aquatic discipline
  Able to put together and submit a portfolio of evidence within 3 – 6 months of acceptance on to the programme


This qualification is assessed through a learner produced portfolio of evidence and marked internally. There is an externally assessed open-book assessment paper.


On successful completion of this qualification the learner will be awarded the Qualifi Level 3 Certificate in Teaching Swimming and Aquatic Programmes (RQF).

Next Steps

Learners may progress on to:

  Level 4 Diploma in Leading and Developing Teaching Swimming and Aquatic Programmes (RQF)
  Take additional Level 2 accredited modules to further develop skills across the swimming teaching and aquatics spectrum

For programme dates and applications go to the course diary.

"Excellent course that made the long journey worthwhile. I enjoyed this course very much and have gained considerable knowledge and understanding." - ASA/UKCC Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Aquatics - February 2012
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